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Gmail Signup is an email service provided by Google which offers many benefits. Therefore, creating a Gmail account is beneficial to you because it allows you to have access to many other products and services offered by Google such as Google Docs, Calendar, Analytics for your website, Adsense, Adwords, Youtube to watch videos, Google’s social network called Google Plus, Google Keep, Google Music, Google Drive, Google News, Google Maps, The search engine, wallet and many more. Read below to do Gmail Sign up.

Create a Gmail Account (Gmail Signup)

gmail signup

A bit of Gmail’s history: Gmail was first launched in beta mode by Google in 2004 and only by invite mode. In other words, if you wanted to sign up for a Gmail account, you had to be invited by someone who already had a Gmail account. When Gmail first came to the spotlight, it was just another email services competing with huge and established email providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail; however, Gmail was able to quickly displaced its competitors by offering a lot more space and a lot less spam. As of right now, Gmail offers about 16 GB of free space for its users and many cool features such as un-send an email, two-step security, reminder to attach a file if you mentioned in the email body, and many more.

Benefits to having a Gmail account:

  • You will be able to easily send and receive email messages from anyone in the world who is connected to the internet.
  • You are able to use and synchronize your Gmail account with all Google services such as Gmail, Music, Maps, Google Play, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Driver, Google Docs and all others.
  • You may use your Gmail account to signup for accounts in other places such as like Facebook, Twitter and to leave comments in millions of other websites.
  • Send large attachments
  • Watch Youtube videos and comment on them
  • Have a social network on Google called Google+ or Google Plus.

Gmail Signup

Signing up for a Gmail account can be done in under 2 minutes, all you have to do is fill out all the text-boxes and you are set. So, follow the tutorial below and you will be able to enjoy your own Gmail account in no time along with all its benefits. gmail signup

  • The first step is to open up your browser and type:
  • After your are on, you should be able to see a link that says “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”.
  • Click that link where a form similar to the image on the left will appear.
  • Fill out all the text-boxes such as your name, last name, username, password, birthday and gender.
  • After you have successfully filled out all those text-boxes, then proceed.
  • After that, you would have created your own Gmail account. Enjoy and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will personally answer your question or concern.
  • If you already have a Gmail account and would like to learn how to Gmail sign in.


gmail signup


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