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Google mail also known as Gmail is an “web-based” email, which means your emails will be stored on the internet and you will need internet connection in order to read, send, and manage all of your email features. In order to Sign into Gmail you must first create your gmail account.

Take certain precautions before signing in, for example; make sure you are aware of the CAP Locks on your computer/device keyboard because this can cause errors when logging in which can be very frustrating. Also, remember to never give your email information to anyone and to keep your information in a safe place in case that you do need to save it somewhere to sign in

How to Gmail Sign in:

  1. Go to also known as on your browser, or click Gmail and you will automatically be re-directed to their Sign-in cite.
  2. After you have entered their website, you will see the menu with the Email & Password boxes.
  3. Make sure you type in the correct information and double check your entry to avoid mistakes.
  4. Once you have entered the information and checked your entry to ensure you have entered the right information, go ahead and click “Sign-In.”
  5. After you have clicked Sign-In and if your information has been entered correctly, you will be redirected to your mail home page.

In the case that you are having any issues logging into your account and you are sure you remember the information to access it, here are some tips that might be useful:
Make sure you double check the CAPS LOCKS on the computer. Sometimes if we have passwords that contain upper-lower case letters, we might make mistakes entering them in the keyboard, using SHIFT instead of the CAP LOCKS, can be confusing so make sure you are typing it correctly
Use a note pad, word document, or Google search bar to type in your password and copy paste it to the box. This will help you visualize your password somewhere clear and eliminate any room for mistakes
In the case that you do copy and paste, make sure you do not copy any spaces before or after, this can also alter the password because *SPACE* is considered as a special character to make your password more secure. If this all does not work for you, try changing your Gmail password.


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